Once upon a BrainPOP . . .

New Age Drinks is a smart soda startup founded by Sierra Hooshiari in 2021. Sierra was inspired to launch BrainPOP when she felt like there wasn’t a drink on the market she could relate to or fully align with her values of health & wellness. Our Mission is to reinvent soda as a fun & healthy, ‘nootropic’ functional beverage, one sip at a time. 😉

We use the tagline #DrinkToThink because it is our desire to inspire BrainPOP drinkers to prioritize their brain health with cognitively-supportive nutrition every day.

We worked with Cornell Food Ventures to test the flavors and prepare BrainPOP for a commercial production run. We use organic ingredients whenever available.  Our fruit purées come from fair-trade farms all over the world, and we purchase them from a family-owned business located in the Midwest.  With each production run, we hope to scale up and stay within an affordable price range.  We believe that clean and high-quality foods should be affordable and accessible to everyone. 

We completed our first commercial production run at The Brooklyn Cannery this past June, 2022. We are excited to share our first four SKUs in the Classic Line with our fans and health-seeking consumers.

Meet the Team!

Our Founder

New Age Drinks was founded by Sierra Hooshiari, a NYC native. Sierra suffered a traumatic brain injury during her sophomore year at Cornell when she was hit by an intoxicated, speeding driver. She was in a coma for four days.  Sierra was motivated to leave her corporate job when she won a government grant to launch BrainPOP.  Now she works full time at New Age Drinks and consults other CPG companies on the side.

Sierra worked with a former neuroscientist colleague and a few physicians on the formula, which has a botanical caffeine blend, four amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Each serving has only 6-8g of organic cane sugar per 12oz serving.  These fizzy fusions are effervescent and delicious.

Our Founder